4 Aftermarket Upgrades That Will Improve Car Performance

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Are you looking to maximize your vehicle’s performance without breaking the bank? We can help! Keep reading to learn about the aftermarket upgrades that will improve your car’s performance with minimal complexity and intrusion into your vehicle.

Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake (CAI) is an aftermarket upgrade that brings cooler air into a car’s internal combustion engine. Cooler air is denser and contains more oxygen, which is essential for better combustion.

By increasing the oxygen available in the combustion chamber, a CAI boosts the engine’s power and efficiency. A CAI even enhances throttle response and can improve the overall fuel economy, so it’s the best of both worlds for drivers.

Performance Exhaust System

Another component to consider replacing with an enhanced, performance-focused aftermarket substitution is the factory-installed exhaust. Unlike standard exhaust systems, performance exhausts reduce back pressure and allow exhaust gases to exit the engine more quickly. This results in a significant increase in horsepower and torque, as it enables the engine to breathe easier and operate more efficiently.

These systems also produce a more aggressive and sportier exhaust note, appealing to car enthusiasts who appreciate the auditory feedback. Beyond power gains and sound improvements, performance exhaust systems can also contribute to better fuel efficiency and a reduction in engine heat buildup.

Aftermarket Spark Plugs

Your engine’s spark plugs are also incredibly important to the performance and function of the vehicle. While standard spark plugs may be fine for everyday drivers, there’s no comparison between OEM vs. aftermarket spark plugs when it comes to performance. These plugs ignite the air-fuel mixture within the combustion chamber more efficiently than their OEM counterparts, providing many benefits to the car and drivers.

High-performance spark plugs feature advanced materials, such as iridium or platinum, which provide a stronger spark and are more durable. The benefits of upgrading to aftermarket spark plugs include improved combustion, better fuel efficiency, and increased engine power. With more reliable ignition, the engine can operate at its optimal level, resulting in smoother acceleration and enhanced throttle response.

Forced Induction

The last aftermarket upgrade that drivers should consider that will improve their car performance is forced induction. Forced reduction is the process of using a mechanical device to force more air into an engine’s combustion chamber than it would naturally intake. The most common types of forced induction systems are turbochargers and superchargers, both of which compress the incoming air to increase its density and oxygen content.

This allows the engine to burn more fuel and generate significantly more power than it could achieve through natural aspiration alone. Forced induction can substantially improve a vehicle’s horsepower and torque, providing a notable boost in performance. For drivers aiming to maximize their vehicle’s power output, forced induction is a compelling upgrade.


While all these upgrades can provide a boost of performance to your vehicle, they’re not guaranteed to fit your specific car. Look into which of these upgrades is best for your vehicle, and consult professional mechanics regarding installation to ensure the improvements maximize performance instead of causing problems.

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