5 of the Best Places To Use a Metal Detector

5 of the Best Places To Use a Metal Detector

Metal detectors are perfect gadgets for history enthusiasts and treasure hunters. They’re great for uncovering different metallic remnants, such as jewelry, coins, and various relics. No matter what you’re searching for, you should check out five of the best places to use a metal detector.

1. Your Backyard

Starting somewhere familiar and easily accessible is a great starting spot, especially for beginners. There are no special requirements to work around, such as opening and closing times or legal permissions. Plus, you don’t have to carry your gear too far or make snack and bathroom break arrangements. Get your metal detector out at home and uncover what’s been hiding in your backyard.

2. Beaches

Beaches are some of the most popular locations for metal detecting for multiple reasons. Sand is easy to dig. Furthermore, the saltwater from the ocean breaks down metals, making them easier to detect. Beaches also get a lot of traffic, increasing your chances of finding something. On top of all this, many items people lose at sea end up on the shore. The next time you go on a beach trip, remember to pack your metal detector with your sunscreen and sandcastle-building kit (the shovel can actually come in handy).

3. Community Parks

Any outdoor location that gets heavy foot traffic makes a good metal-detecting destination. The more people frequent it, the more lost items there will be. Community parks have lots of people daily, from picnicking families to dog walkers and tourists. They also provide plenty of ground to explore, allowing you to metal detect without getting in people’s way.

4. Areas Along River Banks

River banks house lots of treasures. Common items found alongside and in rivers include coins, jewelry, lures, pocket knives, and gold. Metal detecting along river banks gives you multiple possible search spots. You can search the river’s edge, the water, nearby hiking trails, and boat-launch areas.

Although they can be very fruitful destinations, river banks come with many dangers, such as rising tides, slippery and muddy ground, and sudden depth drops.

5. Old Building Sites

Old building sites carry rich stories and a long past of multiple encounters throughout the years. There are many great sites to venture to, including churches, historical public parks, and abandoned forts. Old schoolyards and tourist sites also offer great treasure-hunting potential.

Pro Tip

Keep in mind that some historical locations require you to get special permission. You need to remain compliant with the Antiquities Act of 1906 and the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979, among other regulations.

There’s nothing like the feeling of cleaning your metal detector findings and bringing them back to life. Even simply detecting something, no matter what it is, sparks joy. Whether you’re looking for gold or lost items, take your treasure hunt to these five best places to use a metal detector, and indulge in the thrill of uncovering lost finds.

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