5 Things Brides Regret Spending Money On for Their Big Day

5 Things Brides Regret Spending Money On for Their Big Day

Hi girls, how are you today?

Are you daydreaming about an upcoming wedding—the flowers, the music, the dress? Have you planned out how you would stage every table and how your reception will go off without a hitch?

Perhaps you’re a realist, and your daydreams are full of Excel spreadsheets and number-crunching instead. If you’re still piecing together your wedding budget, let’s go over five things brides regret spending money on for their big day so that you can decide where to save and where to splurge.

Extravagant (and Fragile) Centerpieces

No matter the size of the room, when you first step into a wedding reception hall, the right centerpiece can take everyone’s breath away.

That said, brides who go all-out on these centerpieces sometimes regret doing so. Some of the most extravagant centerpieces are glass, ice, or a similarly delicate material. When working with fragile items like these, you’ll need to stress about a centerpiece surviving transportation, setup, and rehearsal. And after all that, there’s still no guarantee it won’t break on the big day.

Too Many Flowers

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand, but it’s becoming increasingly popular to ditch the flower trend. Freshly cut flowers are as expensive as they are gorgeous. If your heart is set on flowers (understandably so), consider relying on elegant height in your arrangements more than in-your-face volume. Save the plush bouquet for the bride.

“Cheap” Decor and Supplies

For some money-minded brides, it makes sense to incorporate DIY and low-cost solutions into your wedding so that you can lavish yourself, your spouse, and your guests elsewhere in the budget. While many brides regret going too big on one item, others regret going too small on a ton of items. Some elements are worth spending on now so that you don’t regret it later, like dishware and textiles.

Unwanted Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a staple of any dream-wedding Pinterest board, but consider if these are gifts your guests will actually want. Guest favors are high up among the things brides regret spending money on, as only a portion of the guests actually take them, and even fewer cherish them for long.

That said, favors do add an element of fun and excitement to your wedding. If you want them there, instead of buying cheap plastic lei or throwaway plastic containers, consider going for the real thing. Fresh flower leis and pristine gifts look much better on camera anyway.

Don’t Forget the Dress

The intense and rich wedding dress culture makes this so hard to say: many brides regret what they spend on the dress. Buy with caution or have someone go with you to the bridal shop to help you keep the budget in check.

Every wedding is substantially different, reflective of the couple who organizes it, their families, and their stories. Some couples go big and find that the luxury experience is one they never regret. If you have an inkling, however, that breaking the bank will make you love your big day less, these tips should help you keep those regrets to a minimum.

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