6 World-Class Sports Experiences in One Year

It can be highly enjoyable to watch a big sporting event on television with friends and family. But for true sports fans, there’s nothing better than being there in person. Ideally, you’d live near a big sports team and attend games regularly. However, it’s always worth remembering that there are huge sports events taking place all over the world, and attending them in person can be a dream come true.

These trips require a little bit of planning, but they’re worth it. Looking for inspiration? Take a look at the list of world-class sports experiences we’ve compiled below. If you attended all of these, then you’d certainly have a year to remember.

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Premier League Soccer

The Premier League is the world’s best soccer league by a long, long way. The best teams, managers, and players are all in the Premier League, and part of the magic of the division is that even teams towards the bottom of the league can beat the ones at the top. The atmosphere is nearly always magical, too. It’s difficult to get tickets to the biggest games, but you should have no trouble getting them for regular games. The difficulty will be deciding which stadium to visit. Look at Manchester City, Arsenal, and Manchester United if you like big teams, or Brentford, Aston Villa, and Everton if you like more intimate environments. 

NFL Games

The NFL is the biggest sport in the United States for a reason. It offers fast-paced, exciting action that is about as good as a sporting occasion can get. Plus, since there are only a small number of games each year, there’s always a rocking atmosphere. You can buy NFL tickets here for any team, so your main concern will be deciding which team to go see in person. If you’re looking for the best atmosphere, then focus on the Packers, Cowboys, or Vikings.  

Attend the Olympics

It’s always a special year when the Olympics take place. After all, this is the largest sporting event in the world, a time when the world’s best athletes all compete for glory. This year, the Olympics will take place in Paris, France, in what promises to be one of the best sporting experiences in living memory. Paris is a special city to visit regardless, but when you have an ocean of sports events to attend? Then it becomes even more special. The event will be taking place in August, so now’s the time to begin planning your trip. Put off by the cost of the flights to Paris? Look at flying into another European country and make the trip to the French capital by train. 


Some sporting events are all about extravagance. Wimbledon isn’t like that. This one is graceful, elegant, and intimate. Wimbledon has a reputation for being the best tennis tournament in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. It matches outstanding skill with an inviting atmosphere that’s unlike anything else on the planet. Plus, it takes place in London, which means you can have plenty of fun when you’re not watching the action on the court. It’s easy to get tickets to some of the rounds of the competition, while there are plenty of public viewing stations around the courts for those matches where entry isn’t possible. 

Formula One Grand Prix

Is there a sport cooler than Formula One? Not in our book. These events attract the rich and famous for an exciting race that features some of the best engineering in the world. In truth, you can attend any Formula One race — they take place all over the world — but some are noted for being more special than others. The Monaco Grand Prix and Silverstone Grand Prix are both highlights on the Formula One calendar. 

Heavyweight Boxing
People pay big money to watch heavyweight boxing bouts on television, but it’s so much more exciting to be there in person. The atmosphere during the biggest fights is second to none — it’s like the noise of a big touchdown being scored, only for the entirety of the fight. There’s a big upcoming fight between Usyk and Tyson Fury, which is scheduled to be one of the biggest fights of the century. You’ll have to pay top dollar to get a ticket, but if you can, you’ll be there to witness a fight that is certain to go down in history as one of the best of all time. The fight will take place on Saturday, May 18 in Saudi Arabia.

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