Chito Vera Links Up With Hypebeast For A New Episode of ‘Diaries’

Chito Vera will face Sean O’Malley this Saturday for the second time in his career. This time is a bit different, they will be fighting for the UFC Bantamweight Championship. Chito has come a long way and has earned his shot at the title. During his initial bout, he emerged victorious against O’Malley, though it’s worth noting that there’s an asterisk attached to that win, as O’Malley had a foot injury during the early rounds of the fight.

Hypebeast linked up with the fighter at his Newport Beach, California home for their latest episode of Diaries. The episode gives fight fans a behind-the-scenes look at Chito’s sneaker collection and his fits. We are excited to see Chito in action this Saturday against Sean O’Malley. Check out the clip above.

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