Fashionable Hats That Are Trendy This Season

Fashionable Hats That Are Trendy This Season

Hats aren’t solely helpful in blocking out the sun during the summer. Many different seasonal types of head garments look cute with any winter outfit and potentially keep you protected from the elements. Here are some fashionable hats that are trendy this season and make finding the perfect cap for yourself or as a holiday gift for a loved one quite simple.

Winter Bucket Hat

Bucket hats were quite popular in the ’90s as light, stylish street clothes perfect for the spring and summer. Flash forward to today, and buckets hats are trendy again, but through all seasons. In the winter, these eye-catching clothing items are the perfect addition to a vibrant and cool outfit.

For the calmer fall season, opt for a shiny, waterproof bucket hat that both keeps you protected from rain and pops visually. Or consider a corduroy cap made with a patchwork design for a chic look. A faux fur hat is optimal in the winter, keeping your head warm and providing your outfit with a luxurious twist.

Classic Beanie

Thanks to its sheer usefulness and wide range of variety, the tried and true winter skullcap will never go out of style. The biggest trend of late is single-colored, simple beans made from quality material, such as Herschel Supply Co or Carhartt products. These modern-looking beanies can be dressed up or down and worn comfortably while inside our outdoors.

Opt for knit beanies with interesting patterns, rich color, and a cute pom pom on top for a more seasonal look. Knit is quite soft and offers superior protection against the elements. Athletic brands offer practical workout beanies that wick sweat and trap in natural heat for the winter runners out there. Additionally, these caps are great for athleisure outfits.


A close cousin to beanies, trappers are practical hats that combat the cold of winter. Their design is distinct, featuring thick faux fur lining on the front of its brim and two loose ear flaps.

Initially used by hunters in cold regions, trapper hats have become popular as a functional yet attractive way to stay warm. These caps come in different patterns and materials, such as flannel prints, jacket fabrics, or fully faux fur. Pick the style best suited for your needs and wardrobe.

Warm Summer Caps

Some of our favorite summer hat staples make excellent fall/winter clothing items with a few minor alterations. Most specifically, traditionally, summer caps are made from cold-friendly fabrics and materials. Tweed brimmed hats are very trendy recently and offer helpful protection against the weather. Additionally, knit and Sherpa fur baseball caps are warmer and make most outfits all the more unique and striking. Lastly, stylish large brimmed hats like fedoras remain trendy and practical during the fall and winter.

These are just a handful of fashionable hats that are trendy this season, and ultimately the perfect hat for you fits your style and extends your unique personality. Express and protect yourself this winter with a trendy and popular winter cap.

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