Five Team Sports You Can Get Involved In And Enjoy

Many people love to be involved with team sports as a way to socialize and to stay active. It can be a great way for you to exercise while having fun with your friends or family. If you don’t know where to start, joining a team can be a great way to step into new social circles and do something new. However, you may be wondering what sort of team sports you could do. Here are some of the ones you could consider getting involved in and enjoying. 

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One of the most common ones to consider would be to join a team and play some football. There are many varieties that you can play including mainstream and five aside. You are bound to find a team that you can join locally. You could even look into custom uniforms and set up your own team if you have friends and family who may want to join you. You may have to be involved with training sessions and some teams also play matches. It can be a great way to exercise, enjoy some competitive spirit and also make some friends in the process. 

Basketball or netball

Basketball or netball are two sports that are also great team sports. Basketball and netball differ slightly, but they are both great sports that you can be involved in. Again it will involve you joining a team, looking at practices, and perhaps even getting involved in matches. The more you play, the more you will enjoy these two sports.

Adventure sports 

There are plenty of adventure sports that you can get involved with that are fun for you to play and enjoy. One could be joining a team where you use gel blaster guns. It could be that you go out on expeditions hiking or team-building sports that involve assault courses. There is so much that you can do that will be a huge amount of fun, give you the exercise you need, and enable you to try something a little different. 


Hockey is another great sport that you can try and it could prove very to be a good way to enjoy a team sport while still doing something that you enjoy. Hockey may be a bit left-field when it comes to choosing a team sport, and it can be a little more fierce and tough when out on the hockey pitch, but again it has that competitive edge that you could be looking for. Aside from that, it is a very energetic sport so it is certainly good exercise. 


Last of all, it might be worth thinking about some of the other sports you could play and volleyball could be a fun one. This can be done indoors, outside, or even on the beach. It is a great team sport which usually involves two to four players, and it is a lot more sociable than some of the other tram sports mentioned. 

Let’s hope this has given you some ideas on some of the team sports you could get involved in and enjoy.

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