Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s time to plan out your holiday marketing strategy. Give yourself plenty of time, and consider these holiday marketing tips for your small business.

Participate in Black Friday

Most businesses participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday—and you should, too, to keep up with the competition. Plus, you can really highlight your company on Small Business Saturday.

Take time to decide what incentives and sales you’ll offer during this massive shopping holiday. Consider extending the sales into the week to continue bringing in sales. Set up the sales online and in-person so that the customers can purchase products when it’s convenient for them.

Partner With Other Small Businesses

Partner with other businesses to offer promotional gifts or cross-business discounts. Collaborating is an excellent way to amplify your incentives and presence.

Choose a neighboring store close to your storefront to increase foot traffic and make it easier for customers. Don’t stress if your business is online only. Collaborate with a company that sells similar or complementary products. For example, if you sell makeup, choose a business that sells makeup organizers or brushes.

Adjust Your Social Media

Using social media strategically is an affordable and effective way to reach your audience. This holiday season, increase your number of posts and get creative. Use social media to share discounts, new products, and deals that your company is offering. Consider posting lifestyle content to highlight creative ways to use your products.

Don’t forget to “decorate” your social media account for the holidays. Change up your profile picture and background, for example.

Use Ad Retargeting

Taking advantage of the innovative tools you already have is a fantastic way to stretch the marketing and advertising budget and see results. Ad retargeting is an excellent example of this. What is ad retargeting? It’s a digital marketing technique that puts your business on the radar for online shoppers. These ads should be relevant, visual, and clickable. There are fabulous ways companies can implement retargeting.

These holiday marketing tips for your small business will help your company succeed through the rest of the year and well into 2022.

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