How To Create the Perfect Outfit With a Corset

How To Create the Perfect Outfit With a Corset

Corsets may not be as popular as they once were, but that doesn’t mean you should throw yours in the back of your closet or wardrobe. In fact, styling up with a corset is a great way to show off a curvy figure. Here are some styling tips on how to create the perfect outfit with a corset to help you rock your look.

Over a T-Shirt or Long Dress

One of the best ways to wear a corset today is over a T-shirt or long dress. Historically, it’s been the way to wear corsets for centuries. In Victorian England, women wore corsets over their dresses to achieve a better figure and support their backs for better posture. Even today, women wear corsets more as a style than an expectation. Regardless, corsets are a great accessory for any baggy top to look slimmer and stylish.

Pair With Dark Leggings or Jeans

Another great fashion tip is to wear your corset with dark jeans or leggings. Whether your corset is black, grey, or other neutral color, consider opting for baggy jeans or pants as the bottom fashion staple. This trendy look is a preferred statement from celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Ashley Graham. Corsets aren’t limited to costume design, either. For serious streetwear or a bold fashion statement, dark pants are the way to go.

Under a Suit Jacket or Blazer

Of course, another tip on how to create the perfect outfit with a corset is by wearing one under a suit jacket or blazer. Many women don’t consider this as a fashionable accessory, but it is. A corset or another type of shapewear is a great choice for a coordinating suit as it feels tight, secure, and daring. Even if you wear it underneath, you’ll find that the corset enhances your natural body shape in ways you never expected. If suit jackets or blazers don’t fit your style, corsets work well under crop tops or other tops, too.

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