How To Design the Perfect Video Gaming Room

How To Design the Perfect Video Gaming Room

For some of us, it’s all about FIFA night with the guys. For others, it’s about hitting up online play on our favorite first-person shooter. Some of us want to sink away into the sweet, sweet world of Hyrule, Fódlan, or the Mushroom Kingdom.

Whatever our gaming style, we all want a place to settle in with our consoles or PCs. Knowing how to design the perfect video gaming room will give you the space to level up your gaming experience.

Think Ergonomics

When we were kids, we could play video games lying upside down on our bed for hours and feel fine. But if you’ve ever experienced the ravages of gamer’s thumb, you know that having a more ergonomic setup is essential once you hit adulthood. A few body-friendly setup ideas include:

  • A gaming chair that gives you proper back support
  • A desk with a height that allows you to sit with your knees and elbows at a 90-degree angle
  • A monitor at eye level, so you don’t have to turn your neck to see it
  • A proper gaming mouse and wrist rest for PC gaming
  • Enough light to see without straining

Designing a video game room with the perfect ergonomic setup can only do so much to protect you from bad posture. Even so, it can do wonders to help keep you in the game longer.

Pump Up the Volume

A game’s sound mixing is what makes it immersive, whether it’s a glorious, battle-ready orchestral soundtrack or the sound of you blowing your buddies’ characters out of the water. For the full experience, you want to invest in a good set of speakers.

Of course, if you have neighbors, they may not appreciate the sound as much as you. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in some sound-proofing panels, especially if you plan on gaming at night.

Don’t Forget Style

Once you get past practicality, it’s time to focus on the fun part: style. All games have their own aesthetic, and using the aesthetic of your favorite games is a great way to personalize your gaming space. A few ideas you might consider are:

  • Industrial style: a modern look focused on blacks and greys, with an emphasis on metal, brick, and concrete
  • Steampunk: combines some of the elements of industrial with antique motifs, like clock cogs and old maps
  • Retro arcade: a look that brings out bright colors and puts old-school gaming merch on display, like old consoles, vintage posters, or old collectibles

If the idea of designing your space overwhelms you, don’t despair. Even if you know a few basic interior design principles, you can apply them to rearrange the stuff you already have. Either way, you will have a gamer’s paradise by the end.

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