How To Tell if Your Winter Coat Is Quality

How To Tell if Your Winter Coat Is Quality

Conquering a challenging rock face is an indescribable experience, but it can’t be done without proper protection. The functionality of the outerwear that you bring to a climb may mean the difference between finishing on top or leaving early. To ensure your day out isn’t cut short, check out these helpful tips on how to tell if your winter coat is quality.

Protective Materials

A quality coat doesn’t necessarily mean a massive price tag—you can spend hundreds on a jacket that still lets you down in the cold. The key to a genuinely great outer layer is the condition and type of fabric used during production.

Preferred materials are synthetics, which effectively break wind, insulate heat, and reflect moisture. Fleece is a plastic-based, lightweight fabric that’s great for staying cozy but is potentially too warm for vigorous activity.


Unfortunately, the easiest way to know if a jacket will last many years is simply waiting to see if it does indeed last. Since you can’t see the future, you should research the product ahead of time. Compare the brand with other trusted clothing items and see other individuals’ experiences.

Consider if a particular product is genuinely meant for rock climbing. Since you spend considerable amounts of time out climbing, you can recognize the durability of materials just by touching them. Basically, thoroughly investigate all aspects of a coat to determine longevity.


You can go to the store, pick out any fashionable jacket, and find value in your purchase. But rock climbing demands more from your clothing, as you’re exposed to more movement and environmental conditions. Because of these inclement conditions, quality outwear is essential in preventing injuries. A sign of quality is flexibility. Coats that move withyour body reduce your odds of making an accident while on the rock face. Try on a potential jacket and do some light stretches to see if it’s flexible or rigid.

Understanding how to tell if your winter coat is quality doesn’t just keep you safe—it lets you enjoy nature for longer, no matter the season. Find the perfect product that works for you and doesn’t break the bank!

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