Ingenious Ways To Store and Organize Your Jewelry

Ingenious Ways To Store and Organize Your Jewelry

Most people enjoy the feeling of obtaining a new piece of jewelry. This new prize compliments all your outfits, shines brilliantly in the light, and enamors you with its appealing aesthetic. But what you don’t realize is this will only be one of the many accessories you’ll acquire during your lifetime.

Over time, you’ll purchase, collect, and receive many jewelry pieces that you won’t know how to store until you want to wear them. Luckily, here are a few ingenious ways to store and organize your jewelry, so you always know where your prized possessions are.

Designate a Jewelry Area

Having a drawer in your bedroom or vanity solely purposed for jewelry storage is a must-needed step to keeping your accessories safe. Improper accessory storage can cause tangles that can damage the chains if the knots are severe.

Shallow compartments are best to access your pieces and fit a soft jewelry organizer, so your accessories don’t undergo marking and abrasions.

Repurpose Everyday Objects

Repurposing everyday objects, like hangers and picture frames, provides innovative ways to store your possessions. You can create a DIY necklace hanger by drilling holes into a wooden hanger and inserting J-hooks to hold chains and delicate neckpieces.

You can also repurpose a picture frame by attaching a mesh behind it; this will give you nearly endless areas to hang earrings.

Store Necklaces on Hooks

Attach pegs to the wall or use adhesive hooks to hang necklaces in your dressing area. Hanging necklaces and bracelets individually prevents your pendants and pearls from entangling and causing that dreaded clump of jewelry infamous for damaged possessions.

Consider a Jewelry Pocket Organizer

A hanging jewelry pocket organizer with individual pockets is fantastic for storing accessories. The hooking system works similarly to a shoe organizer; only this version has smaller compartments that hold chunky accessories, like bracelets and fashion rings.

All these accessories and nowhere to keep them! Follow these ingenious ways to store and organize your jewelry to keep track of all your unique, brilliant pieces and keep them safe from dust, grime, and damage.

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