Jake Paul Set to Go Head-to-Head with Mike Tyson on July 20th, Streaming Live on Netflix

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul Poster

Boxing just hasn’t been the same over the years. 

We all know that things evolve and change, and the world of boxing is no different. Jake Paul has been part of that evolution with his fights and today he shook the world of boxing by announcing his upcoming fight against the legendary Mike Tyson

Iron Mike is 57 years old and in really good shape while Jake Paul just turned 27 years old this past January. It’s hard to tell if Jake is serious about becoming a professional boxer if he’s just doing this for entertainment. He’s not a bad boxer but hasn’t faced anyone who has been considered in their prime and on top of their sport.  His only loss came against Tommy Fury last year and hasn’t asked for a rematch. Jake Paul knows how to sell a fight that’s for sure so we know this will generate buzz and draw a lot of eyes to Netflix. 

The fight is set for this Summer on Saturday, July 20th, and will stream on Netflix.  It will be held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX for anyone trying to catch this live. So brace yourself for some good entertainment. 

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