Mac McClung Defends His NBA Dunk Contest Championship, Jumps Over Shaq To Win The 2024 Title

The NBA is in Indiana for the 2024 NBA All-Star festivities. The event started since Thursday and they have filled the entire weekend with activities. The 2024 NBA Dunk Contest was held last night with Mac McClung returning to defend his titled.

The reality is that the Dunk Contest doesn’t hit like it used to. Partly cause of the big names refuse to participate and the league has to find talent like Mac McClung who is not even in the league at this moment. He is a great dunker and probably one of the best ones we’ve seen in recent years.

Along with McClung, Jaylen Brown, Jaime Jaquez Jr., and Jacob Toppin participated in this years dunk contest. Nothing spectacular in our opinion and Toppin probably had the best dunk with a 360 between the legs. You can catch the highlights above.

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