MetLife Stadium Scores as Host for the 2026 World Cup – Check Out the Full List of Stadiums Announced

2026 FIFA World Cup

FIFA had an active Sunday announcing all the stadiums that will host matches in the upcoming 2026 World Cup. The tournament will be played in Mexico City, Canada, and the U.S.

Almost everything FIFA does is confusing in our opinion. But since the games are viewed by millions worldwide they know that people will tune in no matter what. The 2026 World Cup has undergone an expansion, growing from the initial 32 teams to an impressive 48, resulting in a substantial increase in the number of games to a total of 104. For FIFA this is a win since more games generates more review in all aspects of the game.

Guadalajara and Mexico City will host the 2 opening matches on June 11th. Argentina if they qualify will get the opening match since they are the defending champions. The final will be hosted at MetLife stadium which has a capacity of 85,500. Regardless of who makes it to the Final this game will be sold out and viewed by billions around the world.

So mark your calendars and start preparing for the 2026 World Cup in North America.

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