Military Appreciation Month and How To Celebrate It

Military Appreciation Month and How To Celebrate It

Military troops are the bravest individuals many know. The appreciation for their active duties while deployed or on American soil shall never go unseen. Continue to show your support by learning about military appreciation month and how to celebrate it.

What Is Military Appreciation Month?

Many don’t know that the entire month of May is dedicated to honoring the armed forces. To help recognize the sacrifices many service members make and made in the past, Congress decided to make May the month where Americans do more than barbecue and celebrate Memorial Day.

When May comes around, the president gives a speech, encouraging many to thank past and current military members who serve in one of the six military branches.

Military Appreciation Month Events

As you go through May for Military Appreciation Month, keep these crucial days in mind to help show support to all involved in the armed forces.

  • Loyalty Day
  • Public Service Recognition Week
  • Victory in Europe Day
  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day
  • Armed Forces Day
  • Memorial Day

How To Celebrate Military Appreciation Month

With so many ways to give back during Military Appreciation Month, you can show your support by donating old items, sending a card, or supporting a military-owned business. Every possible way to honor our service members is a token of appreciation.

Donate Old Items

Many that return home from the armed forces might seem out of place or often without many essential items. So, to help a displaced armed forces veteran, start up a donation drive for veterans to show your appreciation and give them a fresh beginning to a new life.

Send a Card

Even though many servicemembers travel far distances from families, you can still help remind them they’re on your mind by sending a card. A personalized note or card can help military members feel loved and remembered, even while deployed.

Support a Military-Owned Business

Many military families have businesses, but some may go unnoticed. So, to help do more than a simple handshake and showing off your pride, try supporting a military-owned business. Support these businesses as often as you can, and be sure to spread the word if you have a positive experience.

There are many ways to celebrate Military Appreciation Month, so start with showing your gratitude. The month of May is important to service members, as they remember their sacrifices. As you plan giveback initiatives, continue to remember those who defend our freedoms.

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