New Submission: Watch Kenny Muney’s New Video “Breezy”

Meet Kenny Muney out of South Memphis who has solidified his status as one of his city’s hottest rappers. He delivers his new video “Breezy” which will live on his upcoming album Blue Winter. Braving the winter chill at his estate, he effortlessly navigates the snowy landscape, clad in Moncler from head to toe. Whether strolling between the house and the hot tub, he remains unfazed by the frigid temperatures surrounding him.

“Breezy” serves as the first single of 2024 for Kenny as he gears up for an upcoming project, the single displays his talent and unwavering determination in the realm of Empire-building. Keep an eye out for more updates from Kenny Muney and Paper Route Empire this winter.

Check out the video above.

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