Tips For Planning a Successful Ugly Sweater Party

Tips For Planning a Successful Ugly Sweater Party

‘Tis the season of the horrendous yet so entertaining ugly sweater parties! These elusive garments are the main focus of one of the best reasons to put together a work event. Here are some cost-effective tips for planning a successful ugly sweater party that don’t require too much work.

Send Out Invitations

With invitations, the event turnout won’t be as high as you expect. You can create a quick and straightforward e-vite during the beginning of the workday so your coworkers coming in won’t miss the opportunity to come to the more festive work party in town.

Find The Best (Or Worst) Christmas Sweater

Without a doubt, the star of the show is the Christmas sweater. This garment can get more challenging to come by the longer you wait, so the rule of thumb is to grab one as soon you spot one in stores.

You can also create an ugly sweater at home by attaching garland and mini ornaments to a plain shirt. Regardless of your choice, make sure it’s downright ugly!

Accessories Complete the Outfit

Accessories bring the outfit together, so remember your Santa hat, scarf, lighted pins, and reindeer antlers to top off your festive ensemble.

Hold a Contest for Tackiest Christmas Sweater

Having the “Tackiest Christmas Sweater In The Office” is quite the achievement! After all guests arrive, have them cast their vote for who they think should win this prestigious award.

Decorate Your Area

To be honest, a Christmas party without the proper décor can send mixed signals and leave guests expecting more of the highly anticipated event. Décor doesn’t require too much thought; some garland, a Christmas tree, and a festive centerpiece are enough to set the tone for your party.

Ask Guests To Bring a Food Contribution to the Party

A potluck-style event is the best route to take to avoid having to be responsible for the menu. You can ask your guests to bring in their favorite holiday dish or dessert.

As the host, provide the main dish like turkey or ham. You might want to coordinate contributions ahead of time to avoid having too much of the same thing.

Plan Games and Prizes

Plan a game hour for guests to try their luck at winning prizes. You can have guests try to unwrap chocolate candies with mittens or host a team scavenger hunt. Don’t forget to have your prizes and party favors lined up once you announce your winners.

As terrible as ugly Christmas sweater parties are, they make for a great event! Following these tips for planning a successful ugly sweater party will allow you to pull out all the stops in your event so your colleagues can enjoy themselves this season.

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