Tips for Protecting Your Sneakers in the Cold Seasons

Tips for Protecting Your Sneakers in the Cold Seasons

The Internet is in love with fall. Everywhere you look, it’s Instagram posts about pumpkin spice, sweater weather, and layered outfits for days. But some of us aren’t exactly excited about the seasonal change. And by some of us, we mean those of us who actually invest in our sneaker collection.

With mud puddles, wet leaves, and eventually grey slush and road salt, it can feel like fall and winter are designed to mess up with our kicks. But never fear, sneakerheads of the world. Our tips for protecting your sneakers in the cold seasons will help you keep your kicks fresh until spring.

Check the Weather

We’re going to start with the obvious: the best way to keep your sneakers safe from the rain and snow is to keep them out of the rain and snow.

Maybe that pair of OG red-and-black Air Jordans match your tracksuit so well it hurts. If your weather app says there’s a 65 percent chance of snow while you’re still out and about, think about saving the look for another day.

Pro Tip

We get it. It’s hard to resist the urge to wear the shoes that match the ’fit. When in doubt, just keep a pair of old, worn-out shoes you don’t care about in your car. Then you can do a quick switch for the trip from the car to wherever you’re going.

Waterproof by Material

Some days, you get cornered by a bad weather scenario you can’t avoid. And that’s ok. These days, they make waterproofing treatments as a proactive way to protect your sneakers in the cold seasons.

Keep in mind that the waterproofing materials you use will depend on the material your sneakers are made from. Some sprays are made for more heavy-duty materials like leather, and they may not protect your sneakers. Check your sneaker’s tag before buying your waterproof spray.

Clean Your Sneakers

If you plan on wearing your sneakers this winter, you can’t avoid puddles and salt forever. But it’s still possible to keep your sneakers fresh. It’s just a matter of learning how to clean them the right way.

A mixture of white wine vinegar and water put on a cotton swab can help you get rid of salt stains. Just be careful not to oversaturate the shoes, and dry them thoroughly when you’re done.

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