Watch The Trailer For Donald Glover’s New Film ‘Bando Stone & The New World’

Donald Glover returns to the big screen with his new movie Bando Stone & The New World. He stars in and directs the film, as well as handling the soundtrack with his alter ego, Childish Gambino. The movie trailer features Glover as the titular Bando Stone, attempting to deliver mail in an abandoned town. He soon encounters one of the few remaining inhabitants, portrayed by Jessica Allain. Together, along with Allain’s child, they join forces to survive against monsters, dinosaurs, sci-fi lasers, and other threats.

Bando Stone & The New World was written by Evi Wilder and produced by Glover’s creative studio, Gilga, in association with RCA Records. The film was executive produced by longtime creative partner Hiro Murai, alongside Fam Udeorji, Chad Taylor, Ibra Ake, and Javier Alejandro. The film still has no official release date, but Gambino confirmed that a new single, “LITHONIA,” will drop on July 2nd. Check out the trailer above.

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