Watch The Trailer For Netflix’s Ucoming Film ‘The Killer’

Prepare to be riveted by the upcoming Netflix film The Killer, a gripping narrative of fate, conflict, and self-discovery. The trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into the world of an assassin whose life takes a breathtaking turn after a near-miss that alters his trajectory.

Starring the incredibly talented Michael Fassbender and the enigmatic Charles Parnell, The Killer is a neo-noir masterpiece brought to life under the directorial prowess of none other than David Fincher. Drawing inspiration from Alexis Nolent‘s gripping French graphic novel series, the film takes viewers on an electrifying journey through a world where allegiances shift and secrets unravel.

What makes The Killer even more thrilling is the masterful touch of Andrew Kevin Walker, the screenwriter behind Fincher’s iconic Fight Club. Walker’s adaptation brings a rich layer of complexity and depth to the storyline, promising a cinematic experience that will linger in your thoughts long after the credits roll.

The Killer is expected to arrive in select theaters October 28th and it will start streaming on Netflix November 10th.

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