What To Do With Leftover Gift Wrap After the Holidays

What To Do With Leftover Gift Wrap After the Holidays

It’s easy to put up all your holiday festivities, crafts, and decorations, but what if you could make more out of your seasonal leftovers? There are so many crafts and helpful items you can create from something so simple. Here are a few fun and stylish ideas for what to do with leftover gift wrap after the holidays if you’re feeling that creative spark of inspiration.

Drawer Décor

Something fun you can do with wrapping paper and old furniture is line the insides of the drawers of cabinets and dressers with decorative paper. Then, whenever the paper starts to show wear and tear, you can redecorate and refresh your furniture again. This is also a great way to preserve whatever you want to line with your leftover wrapping paper.

Fun Confetti and Party Banners

Office parties, holidays, and birthdays all come along throughout the year, so there’s no better time than now to prepare for a party! Whenever possible, you might take your leftover gift wrap and make an absurd number of confetti or huge, artistic party banners to get the party started easily. You can even create a whole party theme with wrapping paper!

Pen Holder and Paper Ornaments

It seems like you can never keep your desk organized enough when you’re at work. There’s always something else that finds its way to your desk, and you’re left wondering where to place it. Well, you can make pen holders and ornaments for your desk with some leftover gift wrap. These crafts can spruce things up and keep your spirits high throughout the day.

There is no limit to what you can do with leftover crafting supplies like gift wrap. So if you’re left wondering what to do with leftover gift wrap after the holidays, look no further than these crafts.

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