Who Should Consider Buying a Diesel Vehicle?

Close up of a solid black diesel fuel cap for an unidentified vehicle with the word "Diesel" in a sharp white font.

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, don’t discount diesel-powered trucks, cars, vans, or SUVs. Admittedly, many people assume diesel vehicles are strictly for truck drivers. However, diesel-fueled vehicles come with multiple benefits. Here are four types of folks who should seriously consider buying one and the immediate benefits they’ll enjoy.

Long-Distance Drivers

Is driving a big part of getting to and from work, or is it something you must do as part of your job—for sales, transporting people and things, and the like? If you think you’ll put a lot of miles into your future vehicle and want to save on fuel, diesel engines are perfect. They are remarkably fuel efficient, especially when repeatedly called on to go the distance. If you need to go far, again and again, go with a diesel vehicle.

Power and Torque Fans

Some people require a working vehicle. Something that gets them from point A to point B isn’t enough; it must also do heavy labor on-site. Diesel engines are powerful, move quickly, and provide great torque (or force) to tow, haul, and winch heavy things. If you plan to pull a trailer or otherwise haul big loads, invest in a diesel vehicle. Working vehicles work even better with a diesel engine.

Penny Savers

Make no mistake—a diesel vehicle may cost more than a gas-powered one, but that cost pays off over time. Diesel engines are tougher and, with regular maintenance, last much longer than gasoline-powered engines. As it turns out, those maintenance intervals are fewer and farther between, which means you’re paying for fewer oil changes and more over time.

If not subjected to abuse or pushed past their limits too often, diesel engines experience typical wear and tear with little effect on performance. Plus, their better mileage saves you money at the pump.


Many vehicles never leave the pavement, but diesel vehicles can hit the highway, then go off it. Way off! Some folks enjoy the great outdoors and need a vehicle that can handle the deep woods, desert terrain, mountainous trails, and other environments. High torque, great handling, fuel efficiency, and strong suspension go hand in hand with diesel vehicles. They’ll get you there and back, tackling rough roads, streams, muddy paths, and other obstacles.

Are you still wondering who should consider buying a diesel vehicle? These four types of folks are just the beginning. Read up on diesel engines, including mistakes to avoid when you own a diesel vehicle, and you’ll discover why they’re the best choice for you. You might be surprised!

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